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Anti-Static Paints
Anti-static paint in use, Antistiklack, Pintura Anti-estatica, Peinture Anti Statique  
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Electroguard E30

Electroguard E30 is a two-pack water based, static dissipative polyurethane paint. It offers an inexpensive yet high specification means of protecting sensitive areas from the costly effects of static build up and provides a means of grounding personnel.

User Friendly
Electroguard E30 is easily applied and maintained and consists of two components, pre-measured for convenience. It should not be confused with more expensive multi coat systems which require installation by specialist contractors and which fail to meet specification with wear.

Electroguard E30 has excellent chemical resistance, can be easily cleaned and as a polyurethane paint it can withstand very heavy traffic wear. The paint has an attractive satin finish and is available in Light Grey, nearest to RAL 7035:

Light Grey        


Electroguard A40

Electroguard A40 is a SINGLE PACK water based, static dissipative acrylic paint. It is a high specification method of grounding personnel and preventing static build up at an inexpensive price.

User Friendly
Electroguard A40 is a ready to use single pack paint that is extremely easy to apply. A thorough stir of a single tin is all that is necessary before the paint is ready to be used.

Electroguard A40 has excellent chemical resistance, can be easily cleaned and is highly durable. The paint has an attractive satin finish and is available in mid grey, nearest to RAL 7035:

Mid Grey        

Electroguard E30 & A40 are water based, class O fire rated and have low odour. The paint can be applied by brush or roller and the equipment may be cleaned after use in warm water.

Areas of Use
Electroguard E30 &A40 are used on floors and walls in many circumstances including Electronics Production areas, Clean Rooms, Computer Storage Rooms, Pharmaceutical Environments, Warehousing, and areas where Solvents or Explosives are handled.

E30 has recently been used to coat 12,000 m/sq of flooring at the new DELL Computers facility in Poland. This is the second occasion that DELL have used E30, it has previously been used in their facility in Ireland.

For surface resistance and resistance to ground E30 & A40 conform to all current Specifications including IEC 61340-5-1/2 & MILB81705C.
Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standard. A full specification is available upon request.

Anti-Static Floor Paint

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