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Best Selling Stencil Rolls 2022

2022 was another bumper year for stencil roll sales with overall sales increasing by 7%


DEK 400 rolls were our bestselling roll for the third year in a row closely followed by a DEK 510.


Table showing best selling stencil rolls in 2022





Panasonic Rolls have made it into the top 5 spot for the first time.


Speedprint and Ekra sales are continuing to grow steadily. The only stencil rolls showing a decline in sales was the MPM 510 however this is due to the user swapping over to an alternative machine using a narrower 440 material.


We have continued to expand our range of bespoke rolls for the pharmaceutical industry and are on target to double sales in 2023.

Bar graph showing best selling stencil cleaning rolls in 2022





We sell our range of stencil cleaning rolls throughout Europe and beyond. We currently have a network of 18 European distributors. Over 80% of our roll sales are in Europe.


All our rolls are made in our factory in Amble, Northumberland and we have been making them on site since the company was started in 1989. We source all of our raw materials from within  Europe and we pride ourselves with offering high performance rolls with first class customer service.

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