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We are getting asked with increasing frequency do I need to paint walls with ESD paint?  The first question I always ask is “Why”?

Look to your floor

If a floor is ESD protected with a static dissipative surface then anyone brushing or rubbing against a wall will discharge straight into the floor through their ESD footwear. Immediately, with no delay. Rub against a wall, shuffle away – it does not matter! The floor is working permanently for you to remove static.

Unless you are levitating, or Spiderman of course, then a charge will not be building up inside you if you are in contact with the floor.


Do I Need to Paint Walls with ESD Paint?

Do I Need to Paint Walls with ESD Paint?


If you want to be cautious in the extreme then by all means paint your walls but it is a largely unnecessary requirement. If you do then we will be happy to help, we even have suitable products, but please don’t mind if I start the conversation with a polite “Why”? first of all.


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