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Stencil Cleaning Roll Packaging

Stencil Cleaning Roll packaging is really very simple. Rolls need to be kept clean and so are individually packaged. It is not hard to get that right so why do some suppliers get it so horribly wrong? The simple answer is static generation.

ESD Safe bag

Stencil Cleaning Rolls are used in static sensitive areas, areas of SMT production where components are vulnerable and great care is taken to prevent static build up through people or equipment. As a minimum standard the packaging of each individual roll should be in an ESD safe bag. Opening the bag to remove the roll for use and then disposing of the bag can all be done without danger of damaging nearby components.

Static Generators

There are suppliers in the market who wrap their rolls in cellophane or other static generating plastic wrapping in order to save costs. A saving on packaging that causes damage to components makes no sense. Check the packaging that your rolls come in to ensure that it does not create static spikes.

Extra Static Protection

All Edson packaging for rolls, and that of other reputable manufacturers, is ESD safe. For those customers who are especially worried about the effects of static there is the option of packing rolls in metallised Static Shielding bags to give that extra level of protection.

For any questions regarding Stencil Cleaning Rolls, Static or packaging please enquire and we will be happy to help.

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