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Static Electricity – What is it?

Static Electricity – What is it?

What is Static Electricity? We have all witnessed Static Electricity. Have you ever walked across a room and got a shock when you have touched a door handle? Taken off a jumper on a dry winter’s day and had a “hair raising” experience and who can’t remember playing with balloons by rubbing against your jumper…

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Is Stencil Roll Cleaning Material All The Same?

Is Stencil Roll Cleaning Material All The Same?

Unfortunately not. The industry standard for Stencil Roll Cleaning Material is Hydroentangled Polyester Cellulose. It sounds a mouthful but in simple terms Polyester and Cellulose (wood pulp for those who prefer that term) fibres are knitted together using high pressure jets, NO GLUE. Cheap material use short fibres that unravel. Better materials, such as Sontara®…

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