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Chart showing the Top 5 best selling Stencil Rolls during 2023

Best Selling Stencil Rolls 2023

2023 was another good year for stencil roll sales with overall sales increasing by 5% DEK 400 rolls were our bestselling roll for the fourth year in a row closely followed by a DEK 510. Growth EKRA 500 rolls have made it back into the top 5  knocking Panasonic Rolls off the fifth spot. Speedprint…

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Busy modern factory floor

What are the causes of static electricity in manufacturing?

Static electricity can be a significant concern in manufacturing processes as it can lead to various issues, including safety hazards, product defects, and equipment damage. Several factors can cause static electricity to build up in manufacturing environments: Friction: One of the primary causes of static electricity in manufacturing is friction between materials. When two materials…

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Table showing best selling stencil rolls in 2022

Best Selling Stencil Rolls 2022

2022 was another bumper year for stencil roll sales with overall sales increasing by 7%   DEK 400 rolls were our bestselling roll for the third year in a row closely followed by a DEK 510.       Growth   Panasonic Rolls have made it into the top 5 spot for the first time.…

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Painted factory floor with temperature warning sign

How Temperature Affects Paint Application

The ambient temperature in a room when applying Electroguard paint, and primers, is very important and should not be ignored. Perfect Temperature The perfect temperature for applying paint is between 15-20°C. This temperature range, in a well ventilated room, is optimum for application, drying and curing. Too cold We advise against applying Electroguard paint if…

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Paint pitting surface

What causes paint pitting?

One of the potential consequences of applying too thick a layer of paint is pitting. Pitting is characterized by many small yet deep holes on the paint surface. There is a great temptation to apply paint in thick layers. This is particularly tempting when the surface to be painted is not particularly smooth or even.…

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Table showing top 5 stencil rolls 2021

Best Selling Stencil Rolls 2021

                      2021 was another bumper year for stencil roll sales despite Covid still impacting throughout Europe.   DEK 400 rolls were our bestselling roll for the second year in a row closely followed by a DEK 510. DEK rolls have overtaken MPM rolls in the…

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epoxy floor coating

Five benefits of an Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring is a great option for many different types of buildings and is very widely used on industrial or commercial floors, in laboratories, showrooms, schools, plant rooms and in the food industry.  It is affordable, durable, and versatile. What is an epoxy floor coating? An epoxy coating is a two-part product formed by mixing…

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Electroguard paint calculator

How much Electroguard Paint do I need?

Electroguard paint coverage varies depending on the product, the porosity of the surface to which the paint is being applied, air temperature and atmospheric conditions. Buying only the paint you need keeps costs down and is better for the environment. For Electroguard ESD paints the coverage is as follows:   Electroguard  A40 : Coverage: 10m²…

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EAS Floor Specifications

ESD Floor Specification

When it comes to installing an ESD floor, the main priority is to remove static and reduce the risk of damage caused by static shock. There are worldwide specifications in existence which give you comfort that your ESD floor choice is suitable for purpose.   Different industries have varying requirements and standards vary from country…

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conductive or static dissipative

What is the difference between static dissipative and conductive?

There is a lot of confusion over whether an ESD floor should be static dissipative or conductive.  Unfamiliar with technical details, specifiers often require a floor to be conductive or dissipative, convinced one is better than the other. This is not the case and a floor should always be chosen based on the individual requirements.…

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